As a dentist, my back, neck and general health is very important to me. I treat patients daily while leaning over to see into their mouths, which is what brought me to Dr. Brooks. I was concerned about my long term health and posture. I lead a very active lifestyle which includes going to the gym, playing tennis, and wakeboarding, I also pick up (and try to keep up with) my 2 year old daughter. Years ago, Dr. Brooks impressed me with his initial evaluation. Aside from the normal x-rays and exam, he specifically surveyed my weighted balance on each foot and angulation of posture at multiple sites. He always evaluates my neck, back, and posture prior to any adjustments. This type of careful treatment helped make me very comfortable with chiropractic care. The fact that he knows what specific activities led to my area of concern on each appointment shows his true dedication and concern for his patients’ health. Through my regular maintenance appointments, he helps me stay pain-free and returns my range of motion so I am able to work and play. ~Dr. Constantin Fiacos – Dentist

I first started seeing Dr. Brooks about five months ago. I had suffered with migraine headaches for quite some time and they were getting worse. I was getting them frequently and they would take 2 to 3 days to go away. I had been prescribed Imitrex and then Treximet which worked at first, but then I would have to take them more than I felt should be necessary. The pain was awful and I had to miss work occasionally with it. I would sleep at night with my head on 2 or more pillows and wake up in severe pain. I was constantly worried that I would get a migraine and not be able to get rid of the pain. With the right adjustments, sleeping on one pillow, and good advice I can honestly say that Dr. Brooks has done what no other doctor was able to do for me. At this point, I see him once a month and the migraines have been managed. I may get one every 4 to 6 weeks which is a vast improvement compared to the condition I was in when he first saw me. If you are suffering with migraines, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Brooks. And don’t worry if you’ve never been to a chiropractor before. I hadn’t either and his warm and friendly manner will put you at ease every step of the way towards feeling better!

~ Laura (Coral Springs)

I have been in the awesome care of Dr. Bo Brooks for over 8 years. My chronic problem needs chiropractic commitment. Dr. Brooks has assembled a number of adjustments that keeps me physically active and absent of pain. When help is needed for my problem I can trust Dr. Brooks to alleviate the plight. A very happy patient.

~ Frank (Tamarac) – AKA Frankie Tee

If you are looking for a chiropractor, stop here . . . this is your lucky day! Dr. Brooks is the best I have ever been to. He loves his work, he is extremely knowledgeable and he is committed to helping every patient feel better as soon as possible. You’ll find his office staff friendly, efficient and accommodating. Don’t hesitate . . . make an appointment . . . start feeling better! I certainly am! ~ Annette (Lauderhill)

Dr. Brooks,
Words cannot fully express the gratitude we have for you. We were extremely upset when told that our 2 year old needed to have surgery to put tubes in her ears. We came to you as a last effort to avoid the surgery and were excited that you were so optimistic about the outcome. It is hard to believe that in just a couple of months you were able to clear all of the fluid from her ears and avoid any need for surgery. Not only does our daughter love the time she spends with you, but she looks forward to coming to your office (a.k.a. “Dr. Bo’s House”) whenever I tell her we have an upcoming appointment. Thank you for all you have done for our family.

~ Lisa and Scott (Plantation)

Dr. Brooks is Awesome, Highly Recommended with the best Results and great Staff

~ Etty R. (Cooper City)

Dear Dr. Brooks,
I want to thank you for taking care of my lower back herniated discs injury with this new spinal decompression treatment. It is extremely effective. I would like to let you know, that my brother, who lives in New York, had the same treatment with great results. Sincerely,

~ Ennio V. (West Palm Beach)

Dr Bo is phenomenal… From my first initial where I couldn’t walk, sit or stand, after treatment I felt total mobalised and a dramatic reduction in pain… To say he is warm, caring and a total joy would be an understatement. I highly recommend Dr Bo to anyone who needs medical attention his knowledge and techniques work wonders… His staff are also wonderful, pleasant and caring. The atmosphere at this chiropractic office is so warm and relaxing and joyful you never want to leave… A±++++++++++++++

~ Yvonne G. (Tamarac)

Dr. Brooks is the BEST in the biz. My back is messed up from a car accident but he always makes it feel better. I also go to him before every major pool tournament I have..It helps tremendously and allows me to play pool for the 10+ hours required for these tournaments!! Thank you Dr. Brooks and staff. You are all truly amazing.

~ Kelly E.

Dr. Bo is awesome! He is one of the kindest caring Dr’s I have been to. His approach always helps relieve my discomfort.

~ Brenda M.

I have no words that can describe what a great doctor Dr Brooks is. My whole family goes to him and he has been an absolute blessing. Thanks Dr Brooks

~ Sivon T.

Dear Dr. Brooks,
I want to thank you for taking care of my lower back herniated discs injury with this new spinal decompression treatment. It is extremely effective. I would like to let you know, that my brother, who lives in New York, had the same treatment with great results. Sincerely,

~ Ennio V. (West Palm Beach)

Dr. Brooks made me feel comfortable right away. I had a workplace injury that was interfering with my life. He had an amazing technique that brought me relief after just one visit. I have been going to Dr. Brooks twice a month since, and now feel better than ever. Thanks Doc!

~ George P. (North Lauderdale)

Dr. Brooks was incredibly responsive to the stress and pain I was experiencing. He listened to my needs and managed to eliminate my pain. Thanks!

~ Jim G. (Ft. Lauderdale)

Dr. Brooks not only relieved my pain, it hasn’t returned in the six months since my first adjustment. This has brought my much joy, as it is the first time in twenty years that I can say that I’m pain free!

~ Mark M. (Margate)

When I injured my ankle playing football, I thought I would never stand on the field again. Thanks to Dr. Brooks’ patience and amazing techniques, I am now playing college football. Thanks Helping hands!

~ Keith Y. (Sunrise)

Best doctor ever!! He takes care of my entire family and for a food reason. Took my husband from walking 1/4 mile at the most to doing triathlons. Helped me with my neck after my car accident. I was told that neck issue can only be fixed by surgery, but when I have bad days, Dr. Brooks ALWAYS makes me feel better for weeks without any meds. His office is spotless, confortable, and easy access. His staff is also very profesional and personable. He gives you the respect you deserve as a patient. Takes his the time to listen to every concern.
This is a doctor that will always know you by name, that’s very important to me. I am very tired of doctor who are only interested in filling the chart and don’t look at you on your face.
Love Doctor Brooks.

~ Sodeli H. (Pembroke Pines)

Dr. Brooks is awesome. The staff is very friendly and patient with my ticklish feet lol. Currently being treated for plantal fasciitis and feeling so much better. I will be running again soon thanks to Dr. Brooks!

~ Adrian S.

If you are looking for a great, competent and honest chiropractor stop here! Dr. Brooks is the best I’ve been to and I recommend him to everyone. You won’t regret it!

~ Jameson D.